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Whether it is called concierge, retainer, or boutique medicine, this growing trend in healthcare is increasing in popularity among people who value their personal relationship with their primary care physician.

Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient
On the Scales
Temperature Check
  • Longer scheduled office visits

  • 24/7 access to Dr. O'Hara

  • Personalized preventive medical care 

  • Annual physical exams covered at no cost to patient 

  • Monitor and advise during your Christiana Hospital admission (upon request)

  • Little or no wait time for scheduled appointments

  • Direct access to a staff member during office hours

  • Same day or next day appointments for established patients

  • Scheduling help with specialists or imaging 

  • Prompt attention from staff with any insurance billing or medication coverage issues

  • Office visits are billed through your insurance

  • Discounted membership fee for spouse and children

  • Up to 40% lower membership cost than most concierge practices

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