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Kevin W. O'Hara, MD, FACP

-"My primary goal when I established Mill Creek Select in 2006 was to provide a high level of personalized healthcare that our patients could truly value."

My Story

     For over 30 years I have provided health care to adults with complex medical problems in the hospital and doctor’s office settings. My experience has taught me that most people can enhance the quality and length of their lives by combining some very small but important lifestyle changes with standard preventive medical care.

    I once owned a very busy primary care practice that employed four healthcare providers caring for more than 10,000 patients.  I opened my current practice in 2006 because I realized that providing true quality health care required more time for physicians to develop a more personal relationship with their patients.

    Since then, my decision has been validated countless times as I now have a practice where most patients feel like friends and family.  My current practice affords me the time to get to know you, perform a comprehensive exam and develop a personalized plan to treat your current health problems and prevent new ones.

    Also, because I am not affiliated with a large concierge medicine franchise, I can provide this level of care for you at a cost that is up to 40% lower than most other concierge medicine physicians.  In fact, your daily cost will likely be less than a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop.

     While we are located in northern Delaware, my primary care medicine practice also serves patients from neighboring communities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and from as far south as the Delaware Beaches.

So, if you are looking to take charge of your health, please contact our office.  I look forward to partnering with you.


Please feel free to schedule a meet and greet with me for a non-medical visit .

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